About Alternative Ink

Alternative ink has been open since 2014, and is a fully licensed studio on the edge of high wycombe town center. We have two tattooists working in the studio, with Emzie Doodle focusing on fantasy and macabre, and Kary Godny excelling in geometric and abstract. Our Clients can benefit from the artsists versatile styles, and are strongly encouraged to talk through design ideas in the studio and have them drawn up to fit specific criteria.
We use some of the best inks around, all our equipment is disposable, and our working environment is completely sanitary. Emzie also craetes her own skin prep(used instead of vasaline while tattooing), which not only soothes and helps reduce pain and trauma to the skin, but accelerates healing time and allows ink to hold its colour and potency.

At the moment we are unable to offer a piercing service, but may in the future!
We are often able to take walk ins, but please call before hand to check availability, as we may be booked up for the day.
To book or discuss ideas, please message us on Facebook (search alternative ink) or use the contact details on the contact page.